Groundbreaking Innovations from Melcrum

I’ve always thought my obsessive tweeting at Melcrum events would one day pay off, and on Friday morning it certainly did.

I got an email from Robin Crumby, Exec Director and Co-Founder of Melcrum, asking me for a ‘favour’. It’s not often the co-founder of one of the biggest IC organisations in the world asks you for a favour, so I was automatically intrigued. It turned out Melcrum we’re releasing a new insight paper around ‘Groundbreaking Innovations for a New Future’ and were allowing a few ‘select’ people to preview it and give feedback.

Now, I’ve been a fan of Melcrum ever since I started in comms, back in my Asda days, and the chance to preview something they’re releasing was very exciting. I immediately printed it out and sat down to read.

As expected, I found it really interesting, since moving to agency side I’ve been putting a lot more thought into innovation and the way we work, rather than specific channels and technologies.

It felt like Melcrum had been reading my mind, which reassured me that my thoughts are along the right track. Obviously I’d recommend reading it in full, but briefly they break down what IC people need to look at into five areas:

  • Agile processes for improved planning
  • Driving dialogue to enhance employee advocacy
  • Systematic collaboration to unlock better business results
  • Shifting the social media focus for improved ROI
  • Redefined competencies for a new world

Agility, advocacy, collaboration, ROI, competencies…I think these 5 areas, in one way or another, will be on the radar of most IC people. If they’re not then I think it’s certainly worth having a look at whether your company would gain anything by improving/introducing them.

Once again, in my view, Melcrum have shown that they’re very much at the forefront of thought leadership within the IC community. The time of IC practitioner simply being writers/delivers of information is long gone and it’s vital they become business, strategy and innovation leaders. The five areas Melcrum have highlighted will help you do that.


About Steven Murgatroyd

Northern Social Media and Comms enthusiast.
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