I spotted the blog above had been posted on one of our internal blog pages today and thought it was interesting enough to re-post along with the comments I provided on it. The link was posted with some comments from the poster saying they thought that actively resist Facebook etc in the same way as the original blogger because they struggle to keep on top of all the information available.

After reading the original blog, I posted the comments below. Let me know what you think of either the original blog, my comments or both:

It’s not case of resisting them…they’re here and not going away. People’s lives are now lived out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and as a business if you block this and ignore it you’ll be left behind…fact! We have to stop thinking about how ‘we’ communicate, and think about how Gen Y communicate…you’d be hard pushed to find someone under the age of 18 who uses email more than Social Media. 

Overall I think the article tries to make a sensible point, about creating online communities in the workplace, but comes at it from the wrong angle. It begins by talking about creating Facebook and Twitter for the enterprise…why would you do that? If I already have a Twitter account why would I create one specifically for work. I want to use my Twitter for both personal and professional. I understand what I can and can’t talk about so why can’t I merge both into one account? 

The question of business value from Social Media is one which is brought out time and time again by people who don’t fully understand what Social Media has done to Gen Y and younger. The business value of being involved with Social Media is that people will still want to work for your company. If I was leaving University in the next few years, I will have grown up with Social Media as my communication tool of choice. I will have used it to communicate with my lecturers and fellow students to get more information on certain topics. Why would I want to then work for a company that doesn’t even allow me to view it during work hours? 

Having said that, I don’t think Facebook is a useful employee communication tool, it’s far too personal and some people don’t feel comfortable sharing everything. However, moving forward there’s no doubt that Mr Zuckerberg is going to keep adding more and more functionality to his little website and it’s important that from a business point of view you keep ahead of the wave with this rather than waiting to see what other people do and follow them! 

I do love the idea of Gamification though and it’s definitely something I want to look at implementing within The Hub in the future. Giving the people to tag themselves in an office perhaps, like on Foursquare, and the Mayor of an office gets a free coffee every day. Simple things like that can create real competition which in turn promotes the use of the intranet. 



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