Social Media + Business Cards = An obvious option?

I noticed on twitter today, someone I follow was looking for examples of business cards with Social Media links on.

When I started with my new company, I was asked if I wanted business cards and of course said yes already thinking about handing them out to all my friends with a smug grin on my face.

When I recieved the form, i noticed that there was no option for Social Media links. I thought this was missing a bit of a trick and as a result this has now been included on the form.

It got me thinking though, that in today’s modern web 2.0 era how many people aren’t on twitter, linkedin etc? Surely it’s just a handful, as such are companies missing out on potential networking opportunities by not taking advantage of this chance to gain more followers and as such potential collaborations?

What do people think, do you have Social Media links on your business cards or is it not worth it?


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5 Responses to Social Media + Business Cards = An obvious option?

  1. Jon says:

    It’s a nice idea Steve but somewhat fraught with difficulty when it comes to company social media policies imo. Most of us who are active on SM do so with a clear disclaimer that the opinions expressed are personal and do not reflect those of our employer. It therefore seems a bit contradictory to invite people to join you on the web via your employer’s business card. Personally I don’t tend to use business cards anymore and when networking will tend to dish out the most appropriate contact details depending on the other person’s preference. Obviously if you work in SM and do speak on behalf of your employer online then it’s a no-brainer!

  2. Euan Gillies says:

    Definitely missing a trick in my opinion. QR barcodes on bcards are good for doing this.

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    Jon – I actually don’t think it’s that big an issue if your business card points to a twitter account which isnt strictly business, unless your personal twitter account is full of obscene posts and inappropriate content! My twitter account isn’t a business one, but I still talk business and network with people on it as well as giving personal updates. I think that style provides a more well rounded twitter account rather than constantly talking about the company you work for.

    Euan – I think if you put a twitter account on your business card and then when the person goes to that account you’re not responding it can turn some people off. If they’ve met and built a relationship with you, I think it’s important to carry that on digitially. RE: QR codes, that’s also something we’re looking into. We’d include a QR code which provides all the contact details and when they scan it, it asks the user if they want to add you to their contacts.

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