What can the future hold?

I’ve been working at Asda for around 4 years now in a number of different roles and the last 18 months I’ve been in Internal Communication on a maternity cover role. I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not been covering the longest pregnancy ever! The rest of my team are female so there’s normally at least 2 people on maternity at any one time, and when my first maternity cover finished I was moved onto someone else’s to carry on in the same role.

The maternity role I’m currently on, comes to an end in April (the 22nd to be specific) and when it does I shall be without a role in Asda. This leaves me with a difficult decision to make. I’ve obviously spent the last 4 years working my way up in the business and luckily found a role which was perfect for me and which I enjoyed greatly. However, as this role comes to an end I realise that no matter what role I look to move into at Asda, I’ll be doing something which I enjoy slightly less than I do now!

So do I move to a role which I won’t enjoy as much, or do I take a risk and apply externally and take all the knowledge I’ve gained working for a large company like Asda and apply it somewhere else?

After thinking long and hard, taking into consideration that I have to pay rent and other bills I’ve made the decision take the jump and apply for jobs external to Asda.

Obviously, to some people, this might not seem like a big deal. But at 25 years old and having joined Asda straight from University it feels strange to be moving into the ‘big bad’ world. However, I’m also excited about the possibilities ahead and looking forward to some new challenges.


About Steven Murgatroyd

Northern Social Media and Comms enthusiast.
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